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Style My Stock: The Tweed Jacket

Hannah Childs

Gone are the days of the plain white stock tie as the only option on the market. While we love the look of a crisp white stock (especially in unique textures or patterns), there are so many ways to style your stock tie. One of the most frequent things we hear from customers is that they love switching up their Style Stock to suit their mood; it's an easy way to get a new look, without the price of purchasing a new coat or breeches. Because of this, we are introducing "Style My Stock", a new segment of our blog where we will feature one coat styled four ways. First up this week, we have a classic tweed coat with hues of brown, charcoal and navy, perfect for cubbing season. Read on to see our styling thoughts, or click on the photos to shop!

 Metallic Silver Paisley Silk Brocade

While this luxurious metallic silk brocade fabric and tweed might not be your first thought to match up, we love the juxtaposition of a feminine metallic paired with this handsome tweed. The silver in the stock tie coordinates with the grey hues in the tweed, and is accented with our Signature Swarovski Solitaire Pin.

Gold Polka Dot Silk Brocade

Similar to our love for the tweed with metallic paisley brocade above, we chose this pairing for its unexpected combination of luxe silk with rich tweed. Because of the different shades of brown and rust in the coat, the metallic gold works equally as well as the silver, but in a less ornate pattern.

Red Tattersall

Designed specifically with cubbing season in mind, our tattersall stock ties pair beautifully with tweed and solid coats alike. We love the combination of the color tones in this tweed with the reds, brown and creams in our Red Tattersall Style Stock. Pair with our Signature Swarovski Solitaire Pin or one of our unique vintage finds.

Soft White Flecks Silk

This sumptuous fabric has been part of our line since we launched our first collection. With its classic look and crisp feel, our Soft White Flecks Style Stock sits beautifully with every coat color, but there is something special about the look when paired with tweed.

What do you think about the combinations above? Would you choose the same pairings or pick your own with one of our other stock ties? Let us know in the comments below!